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        Hi all,

        I’ve been struggling a while with one of the 10k potentiometers.
        Sometimes it seems that the wiper makes a loose or bad contact.

        Especially for precision adjustments, it would fail.

        Time for a solution !

        Using a sharp knife and gentle force, I removed the white lid.

        Underneath, we see the “open frame” potentiometer. Since the carbon is not covered, dust can enter and will make the rotating wiper “bounce”, so bad contact occurs.

        Removing is fairly easy, just unsolder the 3 connections.

        The potentiometer itself is mounted on a clear plastic frame and this can be pulled out.

        I’ve chosen a “closed” potentiometer of the brand Piher . A fitting shaft is also needed from the same brand.

        The potentiometer needs to be a linear type, not a logarithmic.

        Mounting it back again on the plastic frame and soldering it to the terminals is very easy and it fits perfectly.

        I have attached some pictures here.

        Many greetings

        Potentiometer 1

        potentiometer 2

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          Hi Frank,

          Thank you for your further refinements to repairing legacy blocks!  Very helpful.



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