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      What has an electronic experimental system to do with motors?

      Going back to the history and the patents from the mid 1960s we have the motor for 9V DC – at the same time this block can generate up to 9V AC – all in one block 54x54mm (#8087) mit two separate magnet blocks (North pole / South pole = #8088 / #8089).

      The first public appearance was 1968 on an exhibition as part of the Braun Set 111 (Experiments with the Motor) and a white cover:

      On the next photo in the middle (my replica), to the left the motor block with a clear cover as we could order all the years (#8100600, since 1972; since 1977 part of the System 500 – Power Electronic – with still unknown contents) until today (#2603):

      The motor block to the right is a “dummy” for this photo.  We only have the patent drawing:

      and the two possibilities  to activate; the series motor (German: Reihen-Motor)

      or as a shunt motor (German: Nebenschluss-Motor):

      Mr. Birett told us that he had seen this motor around 1971 at Braun AG (M. Walter). But never again it was mentioned in literature or catalogues.

      The next motor – with several transmissions – was taken from the hobby sector, used for the “cybernetics car” of Edzard Timmer and available since 1972 (#8170110) – with the metal construction kit parts (#8170120):

      Even Mr. Guerth used this motor for proposals (motor control etc.):

      The next motor was a very tiny one, running with very low voltage, and used for “Funktionsmodelle” from Mr. Birett (#8100511) including a suitable transmission top with relation 1:485 (#8100512) – since 1976 in catalogs. Later the solar experiments used a similar version (8100514). The actual order number is #2605.

      Mr. Saucke developed another motor-like block to explain physical basics and magnetism. This version was available since 1976 (#8100505) until now (#2706):

      Perhaps in the year 1995 (or earlier) a new type got part of the system: the stepper motor (#8100610, since 1996 in the catalogs, today: #2602). There two basic techniques: unipolar and bipolar.

      The Lectron version is a unipolar type, 2 phases with 7.5° movement. The control can be done – in the simpilest way without electronic – via 4 switches (back-forward-left-right).

      My version is a bipolar type and needs 4 double switches:

      Before I forget – or: last but not least: the very first Lectron motor (still available) can generate AC. I you have a look into the 111 set you will see the 4 HV diodes. What are they good for?

      Remembering another Lectron patent with a bridge rectifier – a combination of 4 silicon diodes with strange connection blocks:

      I must say that the rectifier blocks of Mr. Guerth, Mr. Birett (and myself) are much better to handle:

      Awaiting your motor application proposals – and thank you for reading until the end of this story…


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      Hi Günther,

      I love this history!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this out.  Very interesting and lots of information that I never knew.  Excellent!

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      Hello all,

      Thank you Guenther for your detailed info about the Lectron motors.

      I have a question about one of these motors.

      I’m interested in the motor 2603 but can’t find it at the Lectron website and in the “Baustein Katalog”. Is it possible that this motor isn’t available anymore ?

      It would be great to use this motor with the digital blocks.

      Many greetings

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      Last monday I sent an E-Mail to the Lectron GmbH asking for the motor 2603 as a separate order. Sadly I got no response until today.

      Perhaps – if there is no chance / answer / solution – I may send you my motor. Perhaps Michael can send me your shipping address.



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