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        Hi all,

        We continue with the testing of the legacy transistors.

        This can be easily done by assembling experiment 51a and 51b in the manual on page 119.

        I noticed however that we can’t trust the meter reading they proposed.

        Every transistor deviates and for our testing it’s enough to know that with different settings of the potentiometer, we can clearly see a relation between base and collector voltages.

        One point to notice, is that when the potentiometer is fully CCW, the meter in Fig. 51b shows a voltage (depending of the transistor used) and when we start rotating the potentiometer, the meter drops quite abrupt to zero.

        This way we know that the transistor works.

        It could be cool if we made a graph showing the base and collector voltages with different settings of the potentiometer.

        Many greetings

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