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      Here is  the ultimate superhet with some extensions which can be used by experienced SW listeners. Some connections are prepared for the s-meter (quality: 1…5) and the “BFO” to receive (and understand…) SSB like the Braun T1000 station solution was realized.

      First the three IF stages (in a block-saving manner) with the AGC line going through all blocks, the s-meter connections and the bfo interface (an additional block with the switch/pot/osc, please refer to T1000):

      Sorry for the German remarks – I first built it for 2 fellow radio collectors in Switzerland – now these blocks are back, and together with some other blocks here is the complete receiver:

      A frequency meter can be connected at point “f”. This unit should be able to subtract the IF for a correct display (!) – this is an example (special block, thanks to Pius Steiner, CH):

      Ideas for using the prepared connections can be found here (Braun T1000, AM IF):

      To the right: the special oscillator to shift the 455 kHz to +/- 1 kHz and feed this frequency via 3 pF to the base of the second IF transistor. Varying “mgc” and “bfo” via pots helps making SSB understandable.

      Another “quick & dirty” solution is this super simple SW superhet with NE612, here with mono-cap tuning:

      There are several solutions, even with 3 variable caps – perhaps I will find some time for another experiments…

      Further (and initially as the last development) still follows some SW receivers (no superhets!) with tuning & feedback sensivity control – keep watching!



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      Oh my God ! So many great radio circuits. I’m still in the superheterodyne MW receivers. Short wave and morse code are fond remembrances from the time I listened to an old 3 band tube radio .

      Can we put together a working Heterodyne radio for Lectron with some salvaged parts ?

      When I see Ll your receivers, I don’t know which one to choose !


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      Thanks very much Günther for these amazing Lectron System adaptations!  They go far beyond the little 2 and 3 transistor AM radios that were initially presented by Egger and Braun.  Thanks so much!

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      Hi all,

      I just found a photo from one of my Swiss colleagues working with “my” SW superhet and the special frequency counter (see above):

      The “real” frequency is shown, and the second line displays the computed radiowave length in meters (1 meter = 3.28 feet or 39.37 inch 🙂

      How to calculate: Speed of Light (in km/s) devided by Frequency (in MHz) results in Radiowave Length (in meters):

      299792.458 : 6.0006 = ROUND(49.96) = 50 meters

      For those who are not familiar with kilometers: 1 km = 0.6213711 miles (US and UK)

      And: yes – we could develop a Lectron superhet, but first let me complete the SW area and then complete the required adjustment process for superhets 🙂




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        Thanks very much Günther!

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