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        Hi all,

        It can happen to anyone, building your Lectron circuit, connecting the battery and finding out that there’s a short circuit somewhere !

        Well, a technique I used to apply is to connect a light bulb in series with the power supply.

        This way, our transistors, diodes etc. are protected against excessive current.

        The 9V battery will also be happy and will last longer this way.

        Later on, I will propose an automatic fuse.

        Many greetings,



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          Hi Frank,

          as always – the easiest way is usually the best way! So simple but very effective.

          That remembers me to a similar way to test the very first time an unknown table radio with tubes lineup. If a shortcut (power transformer, electrolythic capacitors etc.) occures the lamp (e.g. 75 W, 230 V) shows it by glowing bright. A “breathing” is the actual formation process of  an electrolythic capacitor in the power supply – and dark light means “o.k.”. It is always good to keep such bulbs for testing reasons…

          Your Automatic Fuse is another good way – I was looking since years for such a simple circuit for my double meter Lectron block (V + mA) to secure the expensive instruments (and other Lectron components, of course).




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