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        Hi all,

        Today, we are going to build an interesting circuit with our Lectron module.
        We will add a positive feedback loop and study its behaviour.

        Let’s build it first.

        Start by rotating the 10K potentiometer fully CCW (counter clock wise).
        The lamp should be off and the meter will read about 86µA.

        When slowly rotating the 10K potentiomet CW (clock wise), you’ll notice that a certain reading (about 60µA), the lamp goes on and the meter drops to 40µA.

        When rotating the 10 potentiometer CCW again, the lamp goes out at a meter reading of 50µA.

        Now repeat these operations with the switch closed.
        Observe the behaviour of the Schmitt trigger and compare the results.

        Can you explain what happens ?

        Here’s the setup :

        Many greetings

        Schmitt trigger MV4

        Solution (select the text between brackets to make it visible)

        “<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>With the switch closed, the output is coupled back to the input of the Schmitt trigger (loop).</span>
        <span style=”color: #ffffff;”>This influences the OFF threshold of the Schmitt trigger since more current will flow into it.</span>”

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