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        Hi all,

        Lectron is a truly versatile system and so easy and fast to experiment with !

        In the oscillator section, we’re still missing a sawtooth oscillator.

        So, let’s take our Lectron set and build one in only a blink of an eye 😎

        I’ve started something new in this project. The diagram posted here has numbered components and a title of the experiment. This makes it easier to describe the working principle and to print it out.

        A sawtooth oscillator has a slow rising ramp. At it’s peak, the wave collapses back to the beginning. This looks like the teeth of a saw, hence its name.

        sawtooth oscillator

        When finishing building the circuit, watch the lamp slowly gets brighter and suddenly darkens.

        With P1, you can adjust the speed of the sawtooth oscillator.

        Has anyone figured out yet how the triangle wave generator works ?

        The sawtooth oscillator is derivate of it ! The layout of the Lectron cubes has just been reorganized.

        Try to use the part labels (R1, P1, T1, …) to explain the working principle.

        I will publish the solution in a week on this forum.

        Here are some experiment tips :

        • Replace C1 with a value of 0,47µF, 0,1µF or even 47nF.
        • Replace R4 with a value of 1,5K
        • Instead of the meter and lamp, mount the speaker in series with a 560Ω resistor.
        • This circuit is ideal to use your oscilloscope !
        • Reinstall the meter circuit (as seen in the diagram). Place a T-block at the junction of R1 and R3 (where the corner block is). Connect at this T-block the lamp with a ground block. What happens with the lamp ?
        • With the lamp still attached, remove the meter. What does the lamp do now ?
        • Now, remove T3. What will happen with the lamp ?

        That’s what makes Lectron so interesting ! Experimenting has never been so easy and effortless 😛


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          Thank you as always Prof Frank!  Your presentations are very engaging and instructive.  🙂 !

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