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        Hi all,

        With the monostable circuit based around the Schmitt trigger, we can actually do something useful !
        In every circuit that has a microcontroller or digital circuitry, we need a device that resets all when powering it up.
        This is a so called Power On Reset.

        Let’s build this with our Lectron set in a matter of a minute !

        Here’s the diagram :


        After assembling, remove R4 (10K resistor).
        Now, press repeatedly on S3, you’ll notice that light bulbL1 can be lit or not.
        This is because a flipflop can be in any undefined state when powering up.

        Now, insert R4 in the circuit and repeat the experiment.
        You’ll notice that everytime we press and release s3, L1 will be lit.

        What happens here is that each time power is applied to the circuit, the monostable is triggered and a short pulse will reset the flipflop.

        Electronics and Lectron are cool, aren’t they ?

        Many greetings

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          Understanding these core principles of digital electronics is greatly facilitated by your continuing educational posts with these great circuits using the Lectron System.  Fantastic work as always Frank!  Thank you.

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