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      Sometimes even myself don’t like to go through this (physical) card file to look up a special block if I remember the part number (about 1,000 “cards”…).

      I found out that the Google search with “lectron xxxx” – here: 8085 – was the fastest way (first in German):

      And here (with lectrony 8085) in English:

      May be that it will work not for all numbers, but it’s a really nice “feature”…

      Klicking on the thumnail image will display the whole list. Scrolling down (part numbers are to the left) and choosing the link (to the right) will display the full / large image. Sizing / printing to  135 x 94 mm (5.315 x 3.7 inch) will give the real size of the cover.



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      Thanks very much Günther,

      I should have thought to use your brilliant online catalog.  So sorry, I am getting older by the minute!


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