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        In an early patent (together with the already mentioned connection blocks) was a blockdiagram with two microphones, a mixing unit and an amplifier:

        the pasted cover (middle) is from the catalog of Deutsche Lectron GmbH, the photo to the right a replica of mine. A Lectron dynamic microphone block was never found – may be that the alternative with a loudspeaker block (connected as a microphone) was sufficient. So in several experiments and even in some Bastelsatz applications (Soundlevel Meter, Burglar Alarm, Remote Control – Clapper -) the latter version was the favorite:

        Dynamic Microphones have an impedance of ~ 600 Ω, the loudspeaker block (primary transformer coil) > 1200 Ω (DC resistance ~ 300 Ω) and could also used as a “loudspeaker” but can be heard only from a short distance, so the loudspeaker version is more flexible.



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          One of the Lectron System mysteries – why was a microphone block never productized?

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