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      May be the creation of this block was an idea of Mr. Guerth. Two of these can been seen on the photos of his Lectron Super Lab.

      In experiments / applications with a lamp (or LED) only the visual part is solved. Instead or parallel a buzzer can help to hear (alarm etc.) without having a look all the time at the lamp. In the Bastelsatz “Burglar Alarm” it’s a must to position a buzzer far away from the “microphone” to prevent a permanent feedback loop between “microphone” and buzzer…  😉

      My replica contains a piezo module – these modules need to be connected correctly to the battery (plus/minus):

      Care has to be taken of the maximum voltage (and the polarity as mentioned before). On this photo to the left we have a 3V buzzer (top) and a 1.5V with a melody (Cuckoo Waltz, bottom). Other samples may be the melody chip in greeting cards – removed from the card and installed in a Lectron block…

      Much luck!


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