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      Jean-Luc Brach


        I am not leaving in Germany and it’s difficult to buy Lectron boxes. Indeed, most of the German owners and sellers don’t sell abroad. This means that you will not see the auctions if your setting is wrong.

        To solve the issue, i amde:

        1. find a German friend who is okay to receive the parcels and send them back to me in France
        2. create a new primary GERMAN address into eBay and PayPal
        3. log on

        … and you will suddenly discover many offers at very low costs compared to the fez ones in France or UK.

        Hoping this help





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          Merci bien Jean-Luc!  Votre avis est tres bon :).

          So grateful for your participation and thank you very much.

          Best regards,

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            Hi all,
            Indeed, most of the Lectron sets are only available in Germany.
            And since Lectron closed its online store, you’d better grasp the Lectron sets on auction sites before prices will rise because of the rarity.
            Your tip is very handy when living not in Germany.

            Can you tell me what Lectron set or parts you have ?

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