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        Hi all !

        After a simple electro mechanic version, we can use our Lectron modules to create an electronic version !

        And as promised, let’s combine the legacy Ge transistors with the modern Si transistors !

        We even have now 3 possibilities, a clockwise turn (CW), a counter clockwise turn (CCW) and an inhibit state !

        Here’s the circuit setup :

        H-Bridge Electronic

        When the red contact probe is not connected, the meter is in 0 position (inhibit state).

        When the red contact probe touches R2, the meter needle swings to the left position (CCW).

        When the red contact probe touches R4, the meter needle swings to the right position (CW).

        A remark about this circuit : the transistors used in our Lectron set are not powerful enough to drive a motor ! The maximum collector current is about 100mA.

        We can use a bidirectional circuit with the Lectron light bulbs as proposed below to demonstrate the current flows.

        R5 and R6 are current limiters for our lamps (remember, the Lectron light bulbs are 6V).

        D1 and D2 let only the current flow in 1 direction so that the corresponding light bulb will be lit.

        The light bulbs with the diodes can also be used on the Electro mechanical H-Bridge proposed earlier.

        Many greetings

        H-Bridge Lamp circuit

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