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        Hi all,

        The Schmitt trigger is a very versatile circuit !

        We change a few blocks and by setting the potentiometer we can adjust the charging and discharging of the capacitor.
        Did you also notice that we use a 120 Ω resistor in series with the light bulb ?
        This will reduce the lamp current and save our battery 🙂

        In a few days, I will explain how this and previous version (part 2) works.

        Did you also know that we can build these circuits also with the modern Silicon NPN transistors ?
        Try it out !
        The Ge transistors have other characteristics so we may need to adapt the circuit by changing resistor values.

        Many greetings

        Schmitt trigger V3

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          Yet another great addition to your fantastic circuit contributions Frank!

          Fellow Lectroneers, don’t forget that the legacy Lectron circuits use a positive ground.  The new Lectron circuits post 2001 use a negative ground.

          Best regards to all,

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