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        Dear Lectroneers


        Being quite new to Lectron, I immediately fell in love and spent a considerable amount of time during the last few months thinking about how to give re-birth to this utmost fascinating concept! Being in contact with the dear curator of this website as well as with RWO, I’d like to gather the views of as many of the 70 members of this forum as possible!


        –> What do you think would be the key factors leading to a success of such project?


        While my interests are mainly of technical and didactic nature, I will obviously also be forced to consider some business-related aspects…


        Greetings from Switzerland,


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          Hi there,

          I think that the Lectron system relies on the very good build quality of their modules and also on the simple but effective fast method to lay out your circuit as a readable diagram.

          So, a major key would be surely the sturdiness and the electrical contact.

          Also, the ground plate is a good idea as it keeps the wiring to a minimum and helps the projects shielded from noises.

          But surely, a new concept of grounding could be used, for instance, modules could be designed in such way that there are contact pins at the component’s sides but also, when needed, a central ping for grounding.

          Therefore, a grid could be used with pins and contra pins to enable contacts between modules.

          I also have a few ideas how to accomplish this, but I would like to hear other concept ideas as well.

          Many greetings,


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