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        Hi all,

        There’s a somewhat simpler circuit for obtaining a lineair sawtooth.

        We will make use of an easier constant current source.
        When a transistor has a fixed bias Ib, then the collector current IC will be fixed too.

        That’s what we use in this experiment.

        By adjusting the 10K potentiometer, we can set the current Ib and thus also the capacitor charging current.

        In a certain range, we can adjust now the frequency of the sawtooth oscillator.

        I have also included a 47 Ω resistor to protect the transistors from the high discharging current of the capacitor. Instead of 47 Ω, we can also use the 120 Ω resistor and the discharging current will be reduced more to a safer value of 50mA.

        Be aware that we use Silicon transistors !

        Many greetings

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          An elegant and simple solution as you say Frank!  Thank you so much 🙂

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