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        Hi all,

        This can happen to anyone, you ran out of real candles and the batteries for your electric candles dried out ! And just on the day of Christmas !
        Time to grab our Lectron set and build a flickering lamp to simulate a candle.

        We make use of the noise generated in the legacy transistors and the background noise.

        This is heavenly amplified and fed into a Schmitt trigger, which toggles a flip flop and lamp.

        It’s sacred to see how the lamp comes alive and see the magic happening on Christmas in the eyes of the holy people gathered around the holy table !

        Merry Christmas to everyone !

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          Merry Christmas Frank and to all fellow Lectroneers!

          As usual, you have illustrated a very cool circuit using legacy components for the holiday season.  Thank you!

          Love the speaker as microphone – very enterprising 🙂 

          Happy New Year dear friend and I look forward to a wonderful 2020 filled with Lectron System surprises.


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