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        Hi all,

        Here’s a little simple circuit that indicates for a brief moment that power is applied to a circuit.
        This will reduce current as the indicator is only lit for a few seconds.
        In version V1 we will use the light bulb and the modern Lectron set.
        Since this is a fun and useful circuit we will enhance it a little further.
        We will also use the legacy set with Ge transistors in later versions.
        Who can explain what happens when you press and release the switch ?
        Hint : there’s a feedback loop, can you spot it ?

        Many greetings


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          Hi Frank,

          Thanks so much for another circuit for fellow Lectroneers to enjoy!

          The T2 sub circuit as the loopback?

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            Hi all !
            As you noticed well Michael, T2 plays an important role in the feedback loop.
            Can you try to figure out what it does ?

            In the meanwhile, here is the same circuit but made with the legacy parts.
            Don’t forget that this circuit uses a positive GND, so mount C1 and the battery accordingly !
            R2 is changed into 4,7K to make it work.
            Do you think that we can swap T1 & T2 ?
            Remeber that the legacy transistors have a build in resistor which influence the bias of the transistors !
            Many greetings

            TimeOut V2

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