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        Hi all,

        Today I received a package which included a lot of good looking and barely used (no scratches, no yellowed plastic) Lectron blocks.

        After examining the set, it seems that it resembles a 8400 system with all the blocks included.

        Even a manual, documentation leaflet and to my surprise also a newspaper article was included.

        The metal boards were not present though.

        There’s even a white tray for blocks storage.

        Can someone tell me the date of this set ?

        The booklet has no information about this.

        Many greetings

        Here some pictures :

        Lectron set 1

        Lectron set 2

        Lectron set 3


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          Hi Frank,

          This is a homebrew packaging.  Nothing was ever productized like this.

          This is a Braun era set of blocks given the battery block and the documentation.

          Braun sold the Lectron System from 1967 to 1972.

          I can’t read the date of the article but that might also help pin down the date more accurately in terms of acquisition.

          Braun did sell a rebranded Egger 8400 for a couple of years until the supplies were exhausted.  The blocks allowing component insertion originated with Egger and continued through the Braun branded 8400s.  Therefore the date of this set is likely between 1967 – 1969.

          What are your thoughts Guenther?

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            This set (8400) was offered by Braun AG end of 1967 and in 1968 (DM 420.00) – but not in the following year.

            These set of blocks were further offered in 1970 as LABOR BASIS (DM 499.00), together with digital blocks = LABOR AUSBAU 1 (DM 348.00), power supply etc. in plastic trays and stacking cassettes = LABOR SPECIAL (DM 830.00). The LABOR SPECIAL in 1971 – as the only Labor version, and in 1972 as LABOR SPECIAL SK (DM 1048.00).

            The newspaper with the “silly” 4 LED circuit (one for each week before Christmas) and the dark haired young man we know already from the old Lectron website. It’ s an article about the Frankfurter Verein e.V. and the Reha group assembling Lectron blocks.

            => Meanwhile I have found the PDF with this newspaper article: Dec. 23, 2003 in “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – FAZ -” reporting from the Lectron Group (Frankfurter Verein e.V.) <=



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