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        Remembering Mr. Max Gürth‘s “Leistungselektronik” proposal and the flashlight experiment with the high-voltage transformer and neon lamp with the legacy “Ausbausystem 2” I decided to build a “real” flashlight for daily use. Therefor I disassembled an old and not more used AGFA unit and mounted the high-voltage parts all together in a 27x81mm block with high cover. That’s for safety reasons because I remember a home-brew version (with age of  24 years…) where I used wrong isolated connections – so I got in contact with the (charged) huge electrolyte capacitor. I got an electric shock and was knocked down for hours.

        The generator part fits in a 54x54mm unit and the battery contact block is original from Mr. Gürth.

        If the electrolyte cap is discharged the current will rise up to 500 mA (!) so the usage of simple Alkaline batteries is not the best idea… One way is to use the original accumulator with the corresponding charge unit – or a suitable stabilized / adjustable lab-power supply.

        While testing this units with success I decided to use a thyristor (>300 V!) for ignition. Discovering an article where the photodiode BPW34 was discussed and recommended, I tried this combination and was very pleased. The tests with a camera which flash starts the slave flash, gave – as described in the mentioned article – shadow free photos of macro shoots.




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          Video demonstrations are always welcome!

          Thank you for this circuit.  It is amazing what innovations and enhancements you have made to the Lectron System core.

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