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      Hi all,

      Ready for a real surprising circuit ?

      Michael brought me to a cool idea : instead of mixing the left and the right audio channel together, why not subtracting them from each other ?

      And to make it even better (or worse), take control of the amount of subtracting !

      At the cinch input, you need to connect a stereo signal. With P1, you can adjust the difference between the Left and the Right channel. When adjusting, you find that some parts of the music fade and that sounds appear and disappear depending of the music. At a certain point, the vocals are completely suppressed !

      Before I publish the circuit, who can explain the working principle ?

      Publish your ideas here !


      Difference amplifier

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      Hey everybody,

      I was just playing around with this amplifier and decided to throw some classic rock into the line input 🙂

      Well, here you find a sound clip of Bohemian rhapsody by Queen, with the left and right stereo channel subtracted from each other. The output sound was recorded through the DIN module and is in mono.

      During the sound clip, I was fiddling the potentiometer P1 making Freddy”s voice fading in and out.. You can clearly hear that the song sounds different depending of the panning of the instruments.

      You should hear the complete song 😯

      Who wants to mangle “Paradise by the dashboard light” 😀

      And oh, if the input source is too loud, add a resistor of 10K before C1 and a resistor of 2,2K before C3.


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      Hi Frank,

      that’s an amazing circuit, I would like to work with, even with Pink Floyd titles – hopefully it will work, too 😉

      I have to take more time to “play” with your great ideas in depth, thank you so much for your posts and I would like to read more about these / your circuits.

      My interests since about 60 years were (and still are) receivers in its simplest construction, but with a best possible  result = minimalism. If anybody is interested I will introduce some of my rather unique ideas / results / blocks within the next days. Nearly 170 homebrew blocks are the result of about 10 years living with Lectron…

      The last 20 years I repaired, restorated and built replicates of  historic radios, this was my base to continue with own Lectron constructions because it is more easy for developing and testing.

      Best regards

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