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      Hi all,

      Since I’m somewhat short of empty blocks, I thought it would be a good idea to make 3D printed white covers.

      I would use the transparent bottom parts with all magnets and contact plates.

      Inside the new white cover, there would be sleeves to insert a PCB with a circuit or part.

      This could be wired to the contact plates by using small detachable connectors.

      By reusing the transparent bottom parts and exchanging the white cover, it would be easy to make new blocks.
      A colleague of mine was so kind to make a 3D replica of the higher legacy battery block.

      He can print any shape : rectangle, square, flat surface, …

      He added extra studs in the corners for strength. It fits perfectly to the transparent base and has exactly the same dimensions of the original (in the background).


      Here are some pictures :

      3D part 1

      3D part 2

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      Wow, 3D printing of Lectron System blocks!  This is amazing!!  No molds.  Mr. Schrank had told me that new molds cost 100,000.00 Euros!  This is a very exciting innovation Frank, well done to you and your colleague 🙂

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