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      Hi all,

      This circuit is a 3 bit counter which can display the decimal numbers 0-7 in BCD code.

      With the Schmitt trigger as clock generator, the counting goes automatically !
      Very cool to see how the light bulbs switch on and off accordingly !

      BCD stands for Binary Coded Decimal, this means that any decimal number can be expressed as a binary number.

      I’ve included a small table in the circuit setup which expresses the decimal numbers 0-7 into binary.

      A BIT is the shortest binary state and can be either 0 or 1
      So, a 3 bit counter is a circuit that can count from 0 (in decimal, 000 in binary) up to 7 (in decimal, 111 in binary).

      Some questions :

      • Why do we use C1 and C2 in series ?
      • What’s the equivalent capacitor value then ?
      • Do you think we can make a circuit that counts back from 7 to 0 (decimal), or 111 to 000 (binary) ?
      • Be sure to write your answers in the comments !

      Here’s a setup and some pictures.


      3 bit counter

      3 bit counter setup


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      Hi Frank,

      Great introduction to the digital circuit design!  You’ve even included a little tutorial on the binary number system.  Awesome and so helpful, particularly to those just starting their journey into electronics.

      How great that the Ausbausystem 3 (System 300) is still proving its worth all these years later.  Wonderful!

      I wish that our recently deceased colleague Günther Stabe could enjoy all the great tutorials that you are coming up with!

      Thank you so much!

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