Sorry guys,

Another post for today !

Guenther’s new design of the first circuit made me experiment 😉

As PNP transistor, I used the Ge version 2429 without resistor (included in the OpAmp set).

Instead of the lamp, I would love the use the led with resistor 2407 (also included in the OpAmp set).

But, the circuit stopped from working !

So time to think about this and make it work again !Thanks to the easy and versatile Lectron system, this was quickly done.

To make it exciting, I would like to get the Lectroneers at work and find also the solution.

A hint : only 2 passive modules have to be changed. A passive module can be a resistor, capacitor, coil, wire.

An active component can be a transistor, diode, integrated circuit.

Please post your solution here !

Oh yes, now the circuit performs well with the led or with the lamp.

Good luck !