That’s really phantastic – even the lugs to fix the upper part in the clear lower part with the contacts. And the sleeves for different PCBs is a very worthful detail. That could be a new business case 🙂

    In the last weeks I spend nearly 100 EUR to purchase very old Lectron sets (from the well known internet auction platform…) with a couple of this higher blocks for future projects, because these were available only until 1969!

    A tuner block for an AM Broadcast superhet may look like this:

    Here the double variable capacitor block is mounted at the smaller side to have enough place for a ferrit antenna with a movable (!) coil for best results. The mixer/oscillator stage (transistor, oscillator coil etc.) is in an extra block. With a flat ferrite antenna and a long-side-mounted var-cap block a PCB with all components are possible, too.

    As a shortwave superhet all components can be placed on a PCB within this higher block because the input coil and oscillator coil are can be chosen suitable.

    Thank you – and your colleague – again for this great result!