I have been evaluating my Lectron System 2 and 3 sets.  After a great conversation with Michael, he directed me to send a forum thread to Gunther Stabe.  My first question is do the disk capacitors actually go bad overtime?
    Which component is most likely to fail over time?

    Something I want to stress with the business side is that the Lectron brand is excellent.  From my perspective the issue is with marketing.  Before really digging deep I was under the impression that the entire brand had gone away because the only sets I found were on eBay.  The product is incredible but no one will know this unless you market it.  In my opinion you might try signing up Adafruit.com as a distributor.

    Another item that is very innovative is the DNA/RNA Genetics kit.  This could be a real hot seller at many universities when the COVID19  Pandemic settles down.  I personally find the documentation excellent.  A major selling point will be its visualization of DNA/RNA theory.  However, making money with the set will be difficult because nobody in the USA knows that it exists.  This has to be marketed not because of the coolness factor, it has to be marketed for its potential outreach and its capacity to introduce and train the scientists of the future.  I work at Kent State University in IT Support.  I know of at least two faculty members that would purchase this if money had not been frozen right now.

    Please do not throw in the towel on the Lectron Product line.  It will a terrible waste.  Thank you for putting up with me!