Hi Bodger,

    A radio tube version would be awesome ! I hope you will succeed in finding the right circuit setup.

    The first stage should be an amplifier with enough gain to overcome the losses from the Wien RC network

    The 2nd stage must have a low gain to drive the speaker without distorting the sine wave.

    For the diagrams, I use Splan from Abacom software. It’s very easy to use. I’ve created a whole Lectron library with many components. I can share it with you.

    Here is the link : Splan 7

    Splan has enough editing tools like a snap grid and 2 layers.

    The snap grid is very easy, When you place a component, it automatically connects to an adjacent component to align.

    What I also like is, when placing a resistor or capacitor, it automatically asks you for the value  and it will place this inside the symbol.

    Also other things like automatic numbering is cool .


    Many greetings