Hi Bodger,

    Thanks very much for your historical accounting of your Lectron System involvement and acquisitions.

    Purchasing Lectron System models from Lectron, GmbH seems to be a dicey proposition right now.  It does not seem that Mr. Pohl wants to continue with the Lectron System.  There are certainly enough parts on hand to continue with putting models together having visited the ‘store’ last year.

    The virus situation has not helped either and I know that Mr. Pohl scaled down the employees allocated to the Lectron System fulfillment process.  I had hoped to visit Germany sometime in 2020 but now those plans are not certain.

    If you need particular legacy blocks, please let me know and perhaps I have what you need and can send them to you at no cost to you.

    Where do you live in the US?

    Best regards,

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