Hello all,

Indeed Bodger, the Mosfet array has a certain ON and also OFF resistance. Typically, this lies around 400 Ohm.
Mr. Kopperschmidt described very well in the manual how the currents flowing through the Mosfet module can be measured by using the meter.
He also described in great detail the imedance converter or emitter follower.

Mostly, these currents are enough to drive a led, but not enough for a light bulb.

When we use an emitter follower, the current is amplified.

By the way, most emitter followers don’t need a base current limiting resistor. It all depends on the load connected at the emitter.

That’s also a the same emitter follower used in the Lectron legacy 300 set (image from the comprehensive Lectron blocks list by Mr. Günther Stabe)

Impedance converter

This block uses the (old) PNP Germanium transistor and + as ground.

Do you think we can use this block in our circuit ?