My first impressions  ….

    So, I started the first digital experiments. Battery fully charged (yes, I use a rechargeable 9V battery) and opening the manual.

    It all starts with the beginnings, basic AND circuits with switches.

    So far, so good. Everything well explained with much detailed  information.

    The lamp is always connected with a protective 47 Ohm resistor. Good job Lectron !

    But oh, a few experiments later the relay is used without a protective 120 Ohm resistor (see the topic about this here on the forum).

    Since the relay used is a 5V type, it’s coil could be damaged when using 9V ! A resistor of 120 Ohm in series protects this coil, so be sure to always use it for the rest of the experiments !

    Moving on to the AND gate, made up with semiconductors.

    Oh my, these circuits use  2  Si diodes and there’s only 1 (the diode of the basic set) and an extra is not included with the digital 1007 set.

    Luckily,  there’s one in the Legacy set that I can use.

    No problem,  but it would be nice if it was included.

    The next circuits are about OR, NOR, NAND and impedance adapters with very detailed explanation.  Way to go !

    Aha ! EXOR gates !

    This is interesting,  they find many usages in everyday life. The light switches in your house are very good examples and the manual of the 1007 set gives many good examples and circuits.

    To be continued !

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