Hello all,

    Wow, this has never be done before I guess, a Lectron replica !

    I like the way the symbols are crafted on the wooden surface.

    Did you use magnets underneath ?

    How do your cubes make contact ?

    The original Lectron cubes have silver contacts with magnets, so they attract each other and make perfect contact.

    The earphone included with the new sets looks like this :

    I measured it’s resistance and it measures about 278 Ohms. So, It’s inductance should be a bit higher then this.

    As Guenther mentioned, it cannot be replaced by an 8 Ohm earphone.
    The light bulbs 6V, 50mA are easy to get here in Europe. Maybe Ebay can be your resource.

    Concerning the speaker, be aware that it is connected to an output transformer. Speaker and transformer reside in the same cube.

    The original  Ge transistors, diodes, light bulb, speaker and transformer are easy for me to buy here, if you would need these, let me know. I’d love to help you.

    It’s cool to introduce this to your colleagues, I did the same and they were astonished !

    Maybe you can build a set for your own and try the experiments out proposed here on the forum.

    many greetings,


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