Hi Michael,

    Probably too much information but here we go. I am an RF engineer, a luthier, and an avid woodworker. In 1969 I received a Lectron Series 3 set for Christmas. My father was an engineer so I suspect he had an interest in it also. I have no idea what happened to that set but I have always remembered it clearly in my mind. I could remember the blocks and the different circuits I could build but for the life of me, I could not recall what the set was called or who made it. Finally, over the past year I was able to identify what it was by finding one on Ebay. After I identified Lectron, your site was an easy find.

    Now being  one who builds things I though with this website I have enough information that I can recreate this Lectron kit and I have. The attached pictures show the complete series 3 kit. All components are contained in the blocks. NTE equivalent transistors. I still have to finish the speaker block and I need to obtain a 300 ohm magnetic earphone. I have built all the circuits except the radio circuits and they work. I need to finish the speaker block and I may build an inductor block to replace the earpiece so that I can build the three transistor radio. I will have a large smile on my face when that one works.

    Once working, this reproduction Lectron Series 3 will be shared with the young engineers at work. Give them a lesson on what a transistor is and what cool toys we had in the 60’s and 70’s. After that, it may end up in the library where my daughter works as a librarian. She runs the STEM programs and this would be fun for the kids to play with. Maybe even spark some interest.

    So there you have it, I look forward to collaborating with the Lectioneers on this site. So far the response has been great.



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