Hi fellow Lectroneers,

for clarification: they will sell everything what is shown in their Lectron Web Shop. Only special requests, like the “simple” motor without the complete application set – or any other block(s) which is / are not within their actual offerings, may make problems.

So again: I need the number of wanted motors for a quick answer  and response – otherwise  I would make a fool of myself for making so much fuss in Frankfurt…

Perhaps I should ask for the “old” transistor blocks with a socket (to use own / special transistors). I will ask for some old RTL / DTL blocks of the Ausbau 3 set, icl. the steel cassette trays.  I guess the still existing blocks are defect, even the 2-stage amplifiers, but I may repair or dismantle these Also for some of the very first demo blocks – they never can sale them!



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