Hi Michael,

… not so bad! To be honest: we can count 5 non-standard blocks:

#3 = potentiometer without embossed value (it must be 10kΩ, part #8043) – we know that many early blocks had no markings

#10 = measure block, part #8058  – here the prototype with a 4mm “telephone socket” like the large demonstration blocks 81 x 81 mm

#11 = part #8044, the series version had the value “220Ω” above the resistor, beneath: “2x 100µF”

#14 = the LDR block #8048 is clear, with a tiny hole in the white cover. Normal: black housing, oval hole

#15 = RC combination 120Ω + 100µF, part #8056, was NEVER in any set or catalog (only adverts of Braun)

You got 90 points (of 100)    😉



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