Hi all,

    as the long year semiconductor administrator of http://www.radiomuseum.org I can offer to visit this homepage, click the “country flag” to choose your favourite language, select the tab “tubes…” and enter AC125 in the input field.

    Because of my yesterday upgrade to Win10 all is new for me and I don’t find the snapshot tool yet, so I did it with my good old IBM OS/2 and Firefox in my language:

    All the blue and underlined types (and many more…) may be used as an equavalent. Below are some known data of the AC125. It’s a standard AF amplifier germanium PNP transistor, so it should be no problem. I have several of this in among my spare parts, so I could send it (only shipping cost) to you.

    This Lectron transistor blocks sometimes failed because of bad handling and wrong connections, so it’s good to have some transistors for repair…

    Wish you success!



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