Hi all !

    Great idea Günther to look out for these Lectron blocks with connectors for components.

    And as promised, here the setup for the 4 phase traffic light.

    To operate, connect the power (battery), set the switch in upper position and wait till all lights are out.

    Then toggle the switch down and watch the sequence of the traffic lights !

    I assembled the circuit and made use of many blocks but still 3 cable connections have to be made.

    By assembling, I stumbled across a problem that  T3 and T4 were not working in sequence. By adding resistor R10 (47 Ohm), the circuit works flawlessly. This resistor pulls the base voltage of T4 higher so that no false triggering can occur anymore.

    By changing values of the 100µF capacitors and 100K resistors, the timing can be altered.

    You can always use a NPN transistor for T5 (I had only 6 NPN transistors 😛 )

    Here’s the setup :

    Many greetings

    Traffic Lights


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