Hi all,

    It was a challenge to build a working traffic light the way Günther described and thanks to the versatile Lectron system, I found a solution.

    The circuit fits on a A3 mounting board and has 3 wire bridges to reach blocks far away from each other.

    It was a bit tricky to build since I had 2 new unused bad transistors. Luckily I could replace these by opening the cubes. They worked but had very low leakage which made it hard to find out why the circuit wasn’t performing well.

    And it was also a challenge to actual make a practical setup with all these crossing wires and T wires. But it works !

    The lights go from green to yellow to red to yellow + red and then back to green.

    I used about 6 transistors and 1 mosfet (I ran out of NPN transistors!) and 4 diodes.

    I will publish the circuit soon, it was a bit hectic all around here lately 😉