Hi Günther and Michael and everyone else !

    This is indeed a handy tool to adjust if and rf stages of an AM receiver.

    I always had difficulties to adjust !

    As for the night light circuit above, I opened the Lectron 1205 box and found a Silicon PNP transistor, ready to perform in your circuit !

    I even made a cool modification and used only the original Lectron blocks.

    The circuit is very sensitive to light, even the smallest light on the LDR will turn the lamp off.

    What is even more funny, at normal light the lamp will start to flicker ! At dark, the lamp stays on. You can always remove the 560 Ohm resistor to stop the blinking.

    But let’s combine this blinking circuit with the integrator. You can see the reading of the meter slowly increase with each blink.

    And if we only want to count the times the LDR was sufficiently lighted, just remove the 560 Ohm resistor.

    Here is a picture,


    LDR integrator

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