Hi Frank,

    no problem – here is the cover:

    Glad that you like it. The cover is created with a PMVIEW (IBM OS/2 – which I use since about 30 years…), the symbols are from Wikipedia and other sources and via Cut&Paste placed on the cover. For schematics (circuit drawings) and text I may use PMDRAW – or (and for all MS WIN users) the free IRFANVIEW – which I use since more than 20 years, too. This program is a standard tool for all photo / draw problems and very comfortable. I don’t need the expensive and high-tech tools…

    In the above cover it may be better to change Treble and Bass because the diagram starts left with the deep/low frequencies…

    May first intension was to use Treble (Höhen / Diskant / Sopran are other used words in German) and Bass (Tiefen / Bässe / Sonor) but in that case there is a problem with the abbreviation to T and B! So I decided to use the music symbols like on many table radios in the 195x years.

    This block already exists in my Lectron Card File (at location 756 and can be used – like all blocks there) via snapshot to create an own one.