Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the link – very helpful indeed. In the past I built several amplifiers (even with tubes, like guitar amplifiers), but the values of the pots and the “strange” schematics I could not use for this actual project, because pot values up to 5MΩ very used – no chance for use with this small FM radio.

    I trashed all my collected schematics over the years, so now I have to search in the internet or look at commercial amplifiers – but there are usually so complex RC networks which are no base for a low cost Lectron version…

    The above named link brought me to another thought, because I have the LM1035 with complete stereo tone control and loudness feature (I like that and use it anywhere if available). But on the other hand it seems to shoot with a huge cannonball to kill a fly…

    The more simple circuit may work with a 741-like Opamp or 1/2 MC1458 – but is the lost amplification at the end (or output) strong enough to drive a speaker? Or has the input signal (FM radio) too much reduced to get no distortion? Questions over questions…

    But I will wait and see and have a looks at your results, thanks in advance!