Hi all,

    Max Guerth had accepted to help Egger since 1968 for solving the problems with the digital blocks in the evening hours (after his work at Siemens, developing the full automatic sorting system for letters etc.) and sometimes on the weekends. Furthermore he designed and developed lots of new scenarios for more Lectron business, experiments and sets, as we all know now after studying his many photos, diagrams and scripts.

    His test equipment – as already mentioned – was exclusively developed for the tests of the critical digital blocks – not the “standard” ones.

    As I know several of the blocks (simple connections, transistors, etc.) were defect, because it seems that no quality control had taken place. Therefore EVERY block has to be checked: if nearly new (NOS), if from 2. hand, 3. hand, schools (!) or what ever: NEVER use it unchecked!

    Why did I construct a Lectron block tester? Because I purchased some thousands of (used) Lectron blocks – and >20 % were defect!

    Braun AG knows about that problem: “…please send back defect block(s) and we will free deliver the replacement(s) …”

    Coming back to the 2-stage amplifier : yes – the amplification is low, therefore I used 2 discrete transistors as AF amplifier, e.g. in my SW receiver versions. I never tried to increase the performance – but there are good hints to do it now, thank you, Frank!