the sound control is a good idea – I will keep it in mind and realize when my work with a lot of other things is done.

    By the way: here is a short overview of the developing steps of the FM radio since 2014.

    • starting with my first proposal (above left) with loudspeakers, connected via contacts OR cable(s), built-in batteries.
    • my first prototype with veroboard for a 81×81 mm block (above right)
    • my first PCB based on this prototype (to the left), assembled (2. row left) with 3 color LED for all functions
    • nice idea: combination of Lectron block (loudspeaker) with Lectron Bastelsatz case (Radio + 2. loudspeaker,  middle)
    • several radio blocks (designed by G. Kopperschmidt and built by myself, last row)
    • my small version connected with 2 speakers (down right)

    Next photo shows my extension (with UAA170 and 16 miniature LEDs) and a real FM scale:

    …and another nice FM radio, based on a ready assembled PCB:

    No Lectron block but another FM radio…

    Now it is enough of FM radios for today – here as a proview a simple BC / SW radio receiver block (was my low cost jubilee proposal):