Hi !

    What a coincidence, I also grew up with AM radio receivers in their simplest forms !

    I remember my Science fair kit 150in1 kit with it’s Germanium transistors and simple crystal and reflex receivers.

    Later on, I used FET transistors and HF circuitry, followed by heterodyne receivers (Philips EE 2000 kit).

    Still now, I love to listen to AM radio sometimes, only receiving very distant stations, like UK, Italian, Spanish etc.

    I haven’t build AM radios with the Lectron set yet, I do have the AM receiver block (ZN414) and will try it for sure.

    Your circuit seems very cool, a mixture of the first stage of a heterodyne receiver with LF feedback.

    Did you use a printed circuit board or did you just made a wired cube ?

    The oscillator and IF coils, are these from a normal AM radio ?

    I will try to replicate your circuit (on a breadboard).

    Keep on posting those receivers ! I admire your skills in building customized blocks !