Hi Frank,

    that’s an amazing circuit, I would like to work with, even with Pink Floyd titles – hopefully it will work, too 😉

    I have to take more time to “play” with your great ideas in depth, thank you so much for your posts and I would like to read more about these / your circuits.

    My interests since about 60 years were (and still are) receivers in its simplest construction, but with a best possible  result = minimalism. If anybody is interested I will introduce some of my rather unique ideas / results / blocks within the next days. Nearly 170 homebrew blocks are the result of about 10 years living with Lectron…

    The last 20 years I repaired, restorated and built replicates of  historic radios, this was my base to continue with own Lectron constructions because it is more easy for developing and testing.

    Best regards