Hi Frank,

    I really like the light grey especially as it respects the past and makes it easier to discern the blocks.

    I use Microsoft Visio for repeating shapes and used Adobe Illustrator to create the Lectron System header graphic.

    The original LectronRWO blocks were created with Corel Draw which is a vector format program.  Files can be exported in SVG, a standard web vector format.

    I looked but did not find the graphic standards that your program supports.  It did mention a free viewer to view the proprietary graphics.  If it  can output SVG that’s great because browsers can support that format.  Obviously it supports output as jpg or png files.

    Wow, if you have a complete library in which SVG versions can be produced, that would be great.  Please let me know what graphic formats your program supports.

    Love the sirens!  If I were not getting ready for the Germany trip I would be trying these out for sure!  I am meeting with Dietrich Lubs during the trip (former deputy chief of design at Braun during Dieter Rams’ era there).  He will be fascinated to see what you have come up with!

    Thanks again Frank, and best regards,