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The LECTRON Owner Stories

Throughout the last almost 50 years, the LECTRON system and product has introduced thousands of people to the world of electronics and other related sciences like biology and cybernetics. This tab is devoted to the human interest stories of how the LECTRON system has been a part of its owners' lives and careers.

I hope to have many stories added to this section over the next year. I will start things off with my story. If you would like to contribute, please email me at mpeters at mpetersco dot com.

Michael Peters

Thomas Steiner

Michael Peters
My brother, Bruce Peters, is eight years older than I am. He was (and still is - N2TL) an Amateur Radio ham and was always, to my recollection, involved with electronics. At aged 12 in 1967, I was not only interested in what he was doing with his electronics equipment and ham gear but how electronic components worked separately and then together to make a functional device. It all seemed like a mystery and was still not approachable to me despite my brother's best efforts to school me. In the Fall of 1967 I went to the Tournesol School in Gstaad, Switzerland for one year. At Christmas time, I returned to Paris for a week before our family got together to celebrate Christmas at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad. My maternal grandmother, always a wise Christmas shopper, purchased a Raytheon Model 820 Electronic Dominoes set and sent it to our Paris apartment. To keep me busy, my Mother gave me the set to play with. Revelation! Now what my brother had been teaching me began to make sense. The simple Raytheon instruction book gave explanations of what each electronic component did and put the blocks together to make working devices from a switchable light to a multiple transistor AM radio. My brother also enjoyed using the Model 820 set and was able to create some of his own devices that were not in the manual. The LECTRON, in concert with my brother's coaching, was the key to making electronics understandable to me. In 1968, I also became a ham operator (WN2HIL, now WB2V) and my love of electronics has continued to this very day.

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Thomas Steiner
Mr. Steiner was doing research on various topics and wrote to me on 2017-FEB-14:

While searching in the Internet what became of Lectron, Constantin Film, Egger Bahn and so on, I found your very good and interesting website. I am very impressed about the large quantity of detailed information you collected. I still haven’t read everything. I live in Munich and want to tell you that I knew Mr. Georg Greger.

My father also worked for Constantin Film and Mr. Greger was a neighbor just around the corner. We lived in Jachenauer Str. and sometimes visited Mr. Greger and his wife in his apartment in Marbach Str.

In the mid 1970s Mr. Greger had a darkbrown boxer (dog) with the name “Buffy”. Nearly daily, I went outside with this dog. There must be a picture with Mr. Greger, me and Buffy.

Later, Mr. Greger didn’t live there anymore, only his wife remained. I don’t know what became of Mr. Greger.

When I was a child, I also had some of these Lectron building kits. Unfortunately I don’t have them anymore. I didn’t know what treasures I had.

I also was sometimes in the Constantin Film building in Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. and in the storage hall behind the old Constantin Film building in Sachsenkam str. with all the toys. (I think it was Mr. Barthel who traded also with toys). A paradise for a child.

I regret that I have no pictures of these old buildings that don’t exist anymore. I still live close to Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. and often pass these places.

Btw: The postal code Munich 25 isn’t wrong. The first postal code was M25, later became M70 and since 1993 it is 81369.

From the second email exchange:

My family and I had not so much contact with the Gregers. And as I wrote to you, one day he was away. In my memory, they separated about 1975, and I don’t know what became of him. I also didn’t found more about Mr. Greger in the Internet.

You must think that I was a child, when we sometimes met with the Gregers. And this is more than 40 years ago. And as far as I remember, we didn’t talk about Lectron. Mrs. Greger lived farther in the apartment but I don’t know how long. It’s not unusual, that Mr. Greger's name is in the telephone book of 1979 when his wife still lived there and used the telephone number.

My father left Constantin Film in 1980 and he died already in 1983. I have no contacts to former Constantin employees. My mother, who could probably know a little more about the Gregers died in 2013. After reading the section about Max Guerth, I think he is the one who must know the most about Mr. Greger.

Maybe you know that Constantin Film was one or two times bankrupt in the seventies. The company had several owners and things didn’t get better. If you are interested in Constantin history I send you a link of an article from the German Newsmagazine “Der Spiegel”. In the Spiegel archives you will find more articles about Constantin Film, but they are less interesting. Sorry that I can’t translate it for you, but that would be too hard.

A contemporary photo of Mr. Thomas Steiner.

A 1973 Christmas portrait in the Steiner apartment with Mr. Steiner and Buffy and just a little bit of Mr. Greger on the right side.

A second photo of Mr. Steiner, Buffy, and Mr. Greger on the right side taken in the Greger's apartment at #19a Marbach Strasse.

Mr. Steiner and Buffy taken from the Steiner balcony on Jachenauer Strasse.

For the last photo, Mr. Steiner proudly holds up a first version Braun model, no doubt a gift from Mr. Greger!

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