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Lectron - Manfred Walter Era

Physik Experimentell - Erfahrungen mid dem elektrischen Strom (Experiences with the electric current)

This model was the second collaboration between Lectron - MW and the German publisher Diesterweg. The first collaboration had been the Funktionsmodelle (Versuche zur biologischen Nachrichtenverarbeitung) model.

The book was written by Heinz Saucke (author of the Was Ist Elektronik? instruction manual for the Buchlabor model) and published by Heinz Saucke and Manfred Walter in 1975.

The layout photo. In my acquisition, an extra book was included discussing digital electronics in physics. There were no LECTRON circuits in the book.

During my December, 2014 trip to RWO, I found an archival document which was comprised of the original hand drawn notes of Mr. Saucke's for this model's development. A couple of the pages are shown below.

This model featured a very basic curriculum (see index graphic immediately below), perhaps one academic level above the Buchlabor model. Basic concepts such as current flow, resistance, batteries, basic digital logic, and finally semi-conductors were discussed and demonstrated through the use of the LECTRON system.

The transistor overview and experiments section.

The needed LECTRON parts were sold together as the model Ausbausystem Physik Experimentell (Nr. 8 110 070). The manual/book was listed as Nr. 8 170 570.