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Lectron - Manfred Walter Era

Ausbausystem 4 - Kybernetik II

The Ausbausystem 4 - Kybernetik II model was listed as "in development" in two Braun color catalogs published during the later part of the Braun Era (~ 1971 - 1972). The model was not released until the Fall of 1973. The Ausbausystem 4 first appeared in the 1974-FEB-11 price list. Interestingly however, the manual for this model appeared in the first Lectron, GmbH price list of 1972-NOV-01.

It was not until early 2015 that I was finally able to identify who the designer and author was for the Curriculum Kybernetik I and II tuitions. It was Edzard Timmer. My research colleague, Günther Stabe, paid a visit to Mr. Timmer in the Summer of 2015. Sadly Mr. Timmer was not well enough to converse with Mr. Stabe but Mr. Timmer's wife and daughter gave many LECTRON related documents and photos to Mr. Stabe for Lectron.Info's archives.

A more detailed representation of the Ausbausystem 4 model from a Lectron - MW brochure circa 1976.

Also note that this brochure, on the bottom right corner, mentions the Ausbausystem 5 - Kybernetik III as being 'In Vorbereitung' (In production). To date, no manual or photos of this model has surfaced. For more information on the Ausbausystem 5 model, please click here.

The graphic below was copied from an early Lectron-MW era catalog with the model being listed as 'NEU' (new). The reader may observe the Lectron, GmbH brand to the left of the top photo located in the interior of the cover.

Braun (Deutsche Lectron) had completed the packaging preparation for the Ausbausystem 4. The actual model however was not ready for production and therefore the box's exterior verbiage was covered with blue Ausbausystem 2 labels. This was likely a printer's error because there never was a Schülerübungssysteme (blue box) version of the Ausbausystem 2 model. The cover's interior verbiage was not so covered. The exterior printer errors on the side and top labels were corrected on some boxes with a hand stamped quadruple size 'M' to the right of the number 2.

The actual model that shipped in this particular box was the Ausbausystem 2 M. Note that the Lectron, GmbH brand does not appear on the neither the interior or exterior panels of the box. However ...

note the Lectron, GmbH branded documentation! This indicates a Winter 1972 or later production run despite the Braun branding.