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2000 - Cos'e L'Elettronica? (What is Electronics?)

The 2000 kit, as mentioned on the INELCO introduction page, was the repurposed Braun Buchlabor model for the Italian marketplace.

The Buchlabor kit was unusual in that it had 3 blocks in it which allowed for different components of differing values (resistors and capacitors) to be inserted into a circuit to assess their effect. Several such components were actually included in the kit. The earphone was not attached to a block but rather to two prongs which could be inserted into the blocks in accordance to the requirements of the experiment's schematic.

With only 11 blocks, the manual detailed 52 experiments geared toward a younger audience. The experiments progressed in complexity from a simple light circuit to a bistable multivibrator (flip flop). The background and explantion for each experiment was detailed and comprehensive with multiple tests and questions for the experiments.