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The LECTRON Information Resource and Online Museum would not be possible without the support of several special individuals in the LECTRON community.

Günther Stabe

Reha Werkstatt Oberrad (RWO) Staff

Horst Kaupp

Ruud Wittekoek

Rolf Nitzsche

Ralph Stenzel

Carmen and Dieter Richter

Tom Doering

Jon Hill

Günther Stabe - An amazing resource for all matters LECTRON, he is the primary contributor for the LECTRON pages located at RadioMuseum.org. Günther has graciously donated many documents for display here on Lectron.info.

He has also done original research which has facilitated my being able to fill informational gaps in the LECTRON historical record. This independent research has also yielded new and important information on Manfred Walter era LECTRON models including the Funktionsmodelle model.

Amongst his many contributions on Lectron.info, Günther prepared the chronological diagrams showing the Lectron product development for each of the companies which sold the Lectron including Egger, Braun, INELCO, Raytheon, Kimble, and Lectron, GmbH (both Manfred Walter era and RWO era).

Günther also joined me in Frankfurt for all my visits to provide support and translation services when we visited the Reha Werkstatt Oberrad (RWO) and Frankfurter Verein für soziale Heimstätten e.V.

Günther is also a very talented engineer and has created many 'home brew' LECTRON blocks to create his own experiments. He also is a talented craftsman and restored my Red and White books to factory like new condition.
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Wolfgang Schrank, Norbert Cahn von Seelen, Eva Werft, Christel Held, Steffen Pohl, and Alfred Flach of the Reha Werkstatt Oberrad (RWO) in Frankfurt.

I have received an incredible amount of support from the RWO team and access to unique Lectron documentation archived at RWO. I am deeply indepted to this great organization which does so much for special needs people in providing them with useful jobs to support their human dignity, self-sufficiency, and ability to be active and productive citizens.

The RWO has produced, developed, distributed, and sold the LECTRON product since 2001. The RWO has refined the classic models and introduced many new models to the LECTRON product line. The brilliant engineer and instruction manual author behind all this work is Mr. Gerd Kopperschmidt.

For more information on the RWO team, please visit the RWO main page here.

Mr. Schrank

Mr. Pohl (left), Michael Peters, and Mr. Flach (right).

Mr. Pohl, MWP, Mr. and Mrs. Kopperschmidt. Photo taken on July 1st, 2014. We are admiring what was a delicious cake in the form of a LECTRON multi-vibrator circuit.

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Horst Kaupp - Mr. Kaupp (right) currently serves as the Manager of the newly redesigned and beautiful BraunCollection located in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany. Due to his gracious support, I received access to rare archival records at Braun during my 2014 trip which provided new insights into the Lectron history.

Mr. Kaupp was also a senior product display designer and was the designer of the displays used at shows and expositions for Braun products including the Braun Lectron. Examples of these beautiful displays can be seen under the Braun Era -> Photos of Braun Show Events tab.

A special thanks is also due to Juliane Waldhausen of Braun. Ms. Waldhausen is part of the current Braun Product Design Team. She made my visit to the BraunCollection possible and also introduced me to both Mr. Kaupp and Mr. Dietrich Lubs. Vielen Dank!
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Ruud Wittekoek - My 'Dutch' connection who provided me with the opportunity to acquire many Egger era documents and the white sleeve Egger models 8000, 8200, and 8300.

Ruud also translated the verbiage for the Georg Greger photograph taken at the Electronica show in 1966. Ruud runs an online Egger-Bahn model train clearing house at Egger-Bahn.nl.

He also was part of the 2003 team (which included Dr. Egger) that brought Egger-Bahn model trains back to the marketplace.


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Rolf Nitzsche - Rolf is primarily an Egger-Bahn enthusiast but he also had many rare and in some cases unique Egger LECTRON documents and also a documentary film. All of those items have been acquired by Lectron.Info and many thanks to Rolf for making it possible to do so.

He has often told me that "Well, you can't have everything" when it comes to LECTRON related materials. But I can certainly try!

I had the pleasure of meeting him in November of 2013 and spent a great afternoon enjoying his hospitality at his home. A return visit in June of 2014 was also fantastic and Rolf served up a delightful strawberry shortcake with home made whipped cream. Delicious!

What an amazing Egger collection he has! I especially enjoyed see his train layout and, of course, his LECTRON collection.


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Ralph Stenzel - Ralph created a great history of Egger-Bahn on his website, Egger-Bahn.de. This was one of my primary resources for the Egger-Bahn history.

Ralph also donated research time to find Dr. Theodor Egger's obituary. He also joined me in Frankfurt during my trip to Germany in November of 2013.

He also provided translation services and enabled us to meet the owners (the Richters) of the building where LECTRON, GmbH was last located under Manfred Walter's management in Niedernhausen.





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Carmen and Dieter Richter - The Richters very graciously welcomed Ralph and myself into their home when we showed up unannounced in November of 2013.

Mrs. Richter was able to share quite a bit of information about Mr. Walter and the LECTRON business which was located in part of their building complex in Niedernhausen from about 1985 to 2001. Mrs. Richter's grandmother had rented the building to Mr. Walter.

Within less than 24 hours after our visit, Mrs. Richter had found several pictures of the interior of the building where the LECTRON business was based.

Mr. Richter scanned them in high resolution and forwarded them on to Ralph who sent them to me. I am very grateful to them for the time they took out of their busy lives to help me in my quest to get more detail about the Manfred Walter era of the LECTRON.
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Tom Doering - Tom graciously donated his time to translate a critical LECTRON historical record from 1973 which detailed the handover of the LECTRON assets from Braun to the newly formed company named Lectron, GmbH.








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Jon Hill - A Canadian LECTRON fan, Jon has a Buchlabor model with both German and English manuals and a Raytheon Series 2 model. Jon and his 2 children have had a lot of fun going through the experiments.

This photo of Jon was actually taken in 2014 but posed to look like a marketing photo right out of a Braun cut sheet from 1969. He really captured the spirit of the intrepid LECTRON experimenter!

Jon has provided several keen insights to me about the LECTRON including the fact that there were two designs of the speaker block's grill. Please see the Braun introduction tab for further information.








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